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General Information about USRA Light Mikados

Wikipedia USRA Light Mikado enty : Wikipedia

Steam Locomotive Web Site: Mikado

Cost of USRA Locomotives Chart


Information about the Rutland Railroad

Rutland Historical Society

Remembering the Rutland

Rutland Railway Association

Rutland Railway Historical Society

Rutland Archives at Middlebury College

VRS/Rutland Yahoo Group Mailing List


Books & Publications


The Rutland Road, Shaughnessy, Jim

Berkeley, Calif, Howell-North Books, 1964 368 pages


Rutland Newsliner

Quarterly publication of the Rutland Railroad Historical Society

First published August 1987


The Rutland: 60 years of trying

(9 Volumes total), 1987 by R.W. Nimke

Of particular interest:

Vol 1. Motive power & equipment

Vol 5. The Main Line: Rutland - Alburgh, Vt (2 parts)

Vol 7. The Addendum


Other Resources


New York Central System Historical Society great sets of historic Mechanical Department drawings on CDs.  Loaded with  their engines, cars and other goodies.  The cost of the disks are very reasonable and Tom Gerbracht who oversaw their preparation of the disks could not have been more helpful.  Highly recommended--New York Central System Historical Society.


Northeastern Historic B&W Railroad Photo Collection

Collection of 707 images by C. Howard Nash of the Rutland Railroad


Patents related to Rutland's USRA Mikado Steam Locomotives


Hodges Trailer-Truck


Ragonnet Power Reverse Gear



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