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Rutland's Mikado Steam Locomotive #35




"Only Mike to be "passenger equipped" with steam and air lines in the hopes of eliminating the need to doublehead the Chatham milk trains, # 88-83 each night with a pair of 70 class 4-6-0's. The experiment , which took place in the late 20's or early 30's was not a success because the enginemen complained bitterly about the rough riding qualities of the engine at speed required by the schedule. Some men even claimed to have ridden the tender side of the deck between the cab and tender rather than try and remain seated in the cab. After trying various means to improve the riding qualities of #35, without much improvement, the experiment was dropped. Even so, the air signal and steam lines remained on the engine until World War II."

Source:"Interesting Steam Locomotives on the Rutland Post - 1900" by Robert W. Adams; Rutland Newsliner Vol 16, No 3, pg 10




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Rutland's Mikado Steam Locomotive #35 Rutland's Mikado Steam Locomotive #37


Alburgh, VT 1950

Photo: John Gardner

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