USRA Designs

USRA Mikado Steam Engine






Electrical Equipment

The USRA Mikado's as they came from the factory had the following electrical components:


-A 500 watt, 32 volt Pyle National Electric Improved Type K2 turbo dynamo to be located on top of boiler forward of cab.

-A 18" round reflector type headlight with Pyle incandescent fixture. Headlight case (without focusing device) to be Adams & Westlake (Baldwin specs)

-Two classification lamps by Dressel Railroad Lamp and Signal Company, Arlington, NJ

-Water gage lamp

-Steam gage lamp

-Cab lights (general illumination)

-Switches, as needed

-Connection to tender for signal light

All wires for electric wiring of headlights and cab was in conduits. Rigid conduit was used, except for connections to classification lamps and headlight. BX type flexible conduit was used for connections to headlight and classification lamps. Rigid conduit was run from the junction box on the top front of the smoke box to the cab along the surface of the boiler on the fireman's side of the engine.



USRA Rutland Mikado