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Locomotive and Freight Car Designs:

United States Railroad Administration

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From Dec 26, 1917 through March 1, 1920 the United States experienced its first goverment nationalization of an entire industry--The United States Railroad Administration was established to contol all aspect of the railroads in America. Perhaps the enduring outcome from the USRA was the design and production of standardized locomotives and freight cars. This site will explore those designs though a combination of verbal and graphic descriptions and a realization of the designs through 3d software.

My intent is model the locomotives and freight cars as closely as they were envisioned by the original USRA specification and the first were built.


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  • Started on the single sheathed box car>>>SS Box Car
  • Added a section on USRA Freight Cars>>>Freight Cars
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    I Need Your Help


    Please enjoy your stay looking around the site. But I could also use your help. 3d modeling permits you the luxury of including as much detail as you wish and my hope is to do just that. But to insure that level of detail and accuracy requies good reference material. I am constantly looking to improve and expand (espcially as I add more locomotives and freigh cars) my documentation and would love your assistance. Also if you have any comments, see something that is incorrect either in the text, pictures or the 3d models, please let me know.


    All comments, corrections or additional material will be acknowledged and documented on this site.


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    Acknowledgements and Thanks:


    Thanks to Ted Anderson and all the fokes at the Pullman Library for their help with Hasket & Barker' single sheathed box car drawings. (www.


    Thanks to J.H. Koehn at the Great Plains Transportation Museum ( for his great pictures of the Duplex Stoker mock-up they have on display at their museum. The pictures are here- stoker mockup.


    The New York Central System Historical Society has a great set of CDs which are loaded with original historic Mechanical Department drawings of their engines, cars and other goodies.  I bought the disk with drawings for the Class H6 Mikados and it was filled with great information.  The cost of the disks are very reasonable and Tom Gerbracht who oversaw the preparation of the disks could not have been more helpful.  Highly recommended--New York Central System Historical Society.


    Scott Whitney is selling some great B&W photo disks for various Northeast railroads.  I bought the Rutland Railroad collection which has several photos of the Rutland's Mikados, unfortunately may were taken as they were getting ready for scrapping.  Take a look at some one the photos pages for each engine and visit Scott's web site for more - Northeastern Historical B&W Railroad Photo Collection.


    Thanks to all the people over at the Train Orders forum who have been a great in helping me get some of the details right, with special thanks to Wes Camp, Larry Doyle and John Bush for all their help and support.


    3d Models Progress


    Work continues on the 3d models. Shown below are recent renderings and you can see more at the 3d model discussion page and the 3d model render page.


    (click on the image for a larger view)


    First renders of the USRA Single Sheathed Box Car 3d model-


    Top/Side view of frame


    USRA Single Sheathed Box Car


    "B" side view of the frame


    USRA Single Sheathed Box Car


    fame from the bottom


    USRA Single Sheathed Box Car


    50 Ton Andrews truck used on single sheathed box car and composite gondola


    USRA Single Sheathed Box Car Andrews Truck







    USRA LightMikado

    A 1920x1200 version of this picture is -->>here



    USRA LightMikado



    August 30, 2015