USRA Designs

USRA Mikado Steam Engine






USRA Light Mikado Appliances



USRA Standard Supplier


Air Brake

(1) Westinghouse Air Brake
(2) New York Air Brake

Westinghouse No. 6 ET system

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American Arch Co.


Ash pan


Three center hoppers with swinging drop bottoms

Bell Ringers

Harry Vissering  & Co.


Blow-off Cock

(1) Everlasting Valve Co
(2) Okadee Co.


Blower Fitting

Barco Manufacturing Co



American Brake Co.


Brake Shoe

American Brake Shoe & Foundry Co.


Buffer – Radial

Franklin Railway Supply Co.


Bumper – Front

Commonwealth Steel Co.


Coal Pusher




National Mall. Cast. Co.


Coupler Yoke

Buckeye Steel Casting Co.


Crosshead Shoes

Hunt-Spiller Mfg. Corp.


Draft Gear

Westinghouse Air Brake Co.


Dust Guard

W. N. Thornburg Co.





Fire Door

National Railway Device Corp.

Shoemaker Fire-door



Cast steel, 6” wide with a single integrated front rail.
Trailer Frames are cast in one piece with the trailer fulcrum pin bracket, the equalizer brackets and the rear deck plate.  Rear casting is attached to the main frames with fourteen 1 ¼” bolts on each side. (see below)

Gages – Steam

Ashcroft Mfg. Co.


Gages – Steam heat

Ashion Valve Co.


Gages – Water

Sargent Co.


Gage Cocks

Nathan Mfg. Co.


Grate Shaker

Franklin Railway Supply Co.


Headlight Case

(1)Schroeder Headlight & Gen. Co.
(2)Handlon & Buck Mfg. Co.


Headlight Equipment

Pyle National Co.

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Nathan Mfg. Co.

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Joints – Metallic Pipe

(1) Franklin Railway Supply Co.
(2) Greenlaw Mfg. Co.



Nathan Mfg. Co.


Lubricator – Driving Box

Franklin Railway Supply Co


Oil Cups – Guide, Piston Rod, Valve Stem

Hancock Inspirator Co.


Reverse Gear

Ragonnet Type B (Franklin Railway Supply  Co.)

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Safety Bar (Unit)

Franklin Railway Supply  Co.



(1) U.S. Metallic Packing Co.
(2) Hanlon Locomotive Sander Co.



(1) Crucible Steel Co.
(2) Pittsburgh Spring & Steel Co.
(3) Railway Steel Spring Co.
(4) Standard Steel Works
(5) Union Spring & Mfg. Co.



Hancock Inspiratior Co.



Locomotive  Stoker Co.

Duplex stoker

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Locomotive Superheater Co.

Type A with 40 units

Throttle Valve

Chambers Valve Co


Trucks - Leading


Economy constant resistance type

Trucks – Trailer

Hodges (Baldwin Locomotive Works)

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Uncoupling Device

Imperial Appliance Co.


Valves – Blower

Sargent Company


Valve Gear


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Valve -Check

Nathan Mfg. Co.


Valve – Piston

American Balanced Valve Co.


Valve – Safety

Consolidated Safety Valve Co.


Ventilator – Cab

Rushton (Baldwin Locomotive Works)


Wheels – Rolled Steel

Forged Steel Wheel Co.



Standard Equipment Specialties, Railway Mechanical Engineer, Vol 93, No 3, March 1919, pgs 137-138
First U.S. Standard Locomotive, Railway Mechanical Engineer, Vol 92, No 8, August  1918, pgs 436-438

Additional frame details:
“Vertical cast steel frame cross-ties are applied to front legs of the forward driving-wheel pedestals and to the rear legs of the second and third pedestals.  The forward brace includes an extension on the bottom, which is bolted to the lower frame rails just behind the cylinders.  This carries the pivot for the front engine truck and the driving brake lever fulcrums.  The top rails are further secured by cast-steel deck braces, which extend across the frames between the first and second, and the third and fourth pairs of driving wheels.” (First U.S. Standard Locomotive, Railway Mechanical Engineer, Vol 92, No 8, August  1918, pgs 436-438)